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Ask the expert: ARD dates

Q: I have a scenario that I find a bit confusing: Admission: 12/13/12 M5: 12/20/12 M14: 12/27/12 M30: 1/9/13 MD ordered home rehab: 1/11/13 EOT DONE 1/13/13 EOT-R: 1/14 then on 1/20/13 When would the COT be? Can these dates be correct? A: The ARD dates in the scenario are within the allowable timeframes, providing […]

Ask the expert: Change of therapy and assessment reference date

Q: A change of therapy (COT) is for the date February 5. I thought I opened it in the software. Can I open this assessment on February 14 and complete it that day without taking a default, and is there a time limit? A: I’m assuming from your question that February 5 should have been […]

Ask the expert: Quarterly ARD

Q: I have a resident who had a quarterly assessment reference date (ARD) of February 8, 2013. She was admitted to the hospital on February 6 and returned on February 8. What would be her ARD for the quarterly assessment? A: There are choices that the facility can make when these situations occur. The very […]