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Involving the whole staff in theft prevention

This article is an excerpt from HCPro’s popular title, The Theft Prevention Guide for Senior Living, by Stefanie Corbett, DHA. Unfortunately, if it is left up to the individual employee to decide whether something appears suspicious, some employees will not report anything. Different people have different perceptions. Each facility needs to identify what would be […]

Neuroscientists say this over-the-counter pill could ward off Alzheimer’s

Research has found that individuals with Alzheimer’s disease have an elevated level of the protein called Abeta 42. Canadian neuroscientist Dr. Patrick McGeer and his wife, Dr. Edith McGeer, created a saliva test that can determine a person’s level of this protein, which according to McGeer and his team appears in the same elevated levels […]

CVS now offers new FDA-approved Shingles vaccine

Last year, the Food and Drug Administration approved Shingrix, a Shingles vaccine found to be more effective than Zostavax. All of CVS’ pharmacy locations now carry the vaccine, with the exception of those located in Florida, due to state regulations. Shingrix is covered by many insurers and it is the recommended vaccine for adults over […]

The absence of this protein leads to rapid and severe bone loss

A new University at Buffalo study published on March 7 in the Journal of Dental Research found that when the gene needed to produce the protein tristetraprolin (TTP) was removed from healthy mice, the rodents’ bones took on the form of a much older animal. One function of the TTP protein is to regulate inflammation–a […]

Facts and free resources for preventing the flu in long-term care

Impacts of the flu on seniors ages 65 years and older range from an increased risk for heart attack, stroke, and bacterial lung infection (i.e. bronchitis or pneumonia), as well as a negative impact on ability to function independently. Due to these increased risks, it is unlikely that a senior infected with the flu will […]

Scientists are able to completely reverse Alzheimer’s in mice

By slowly reducing levels of the enzyme BACE1 in mice as they age, scientists at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio discovered that the formation of amyloid plaques on the brain (bits of protein build up that are believed to be at the root of Alzheimer’s disease) were either prevented or reversed. The study was published […]

HHS budget proposal calls for “a new future for Medicaid”

In their budget proposal released earlier this week, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) shared their plans for healthcare reform, including a reversal of what the agency refers to as “the effects of the status quo’s Washington-centered, one-size-fits-all approach to healthcare.” The plan goes on to state its support for a repeal of […]

Training strategies to help the business office overcome common collections challenges

There are strategies you can implement to help overcome common collections challenges. Becky Ziviski, CEO of Profit Without Census, knows—because she’s been there. As a licensed nursing home administrator and certified public accountant, she not only understands the nuances of being an effective leader in long-term care, but she also has a laundry list of […]

Person-centered focus at the core of Alzheimer’s Association’s new recommendations

The Alzheimer’s Association released their 2018 recommendations for dementia care practice intended for professional care providers who work with individuals living with dementia and their families. The recommendations are posted online and will be published in the February issue of The Gerontologist. The new guidance, which contains 56 recommendations across 10 content areas, designates a […]