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Ask the expert: Medicare Advantage 100 days of Skilled Nursing

Q: If a beneficiary changes from one Medicare Advantage plan to another-do they automatically get 100 new days of Skilled Nursing? MAO’s do not report days paid to the Common Working file and unless the SNF informs the new plan of days paid under another plan or that the beneficiary has had previous stays, we […]

New blood test can detect Alzheimer’s

A new blood test that predicts the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and mild dementia could lead to more effective management and even prevention of these conditions, according to research published in Nature Medicine. The study involved 525 participants who were over 70 years old. The participants gave blood samples throughout the trial period, and investigators […]

Adverse events occur during SNF stays

A recent study published by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) found that over 20% of Medicare beneficiaries experience adverse events during their SNF stay. The study also found that an additional 11% experience temporary harm events during their SNF stay. The study estimated the national incidence rate, preventability, and cost of adverse events […]

Patients obtain opioid prescriptions from multiple healthcare providers

One in three American seniors who benefit from the U.S. Medicare program, receives painkiller prescription from several healthcare service providers, according to a study released by the British Medical Journal. This practice places seniors at risk for drug overdose, injury, and even death. Researchers analyzed the medical records of more than one million Medicare patients […]

Study finds that therapy animals delay the progression of dementia

Engagement with therapy animals has been proven to slow down the progression of dementia symptoms in nursing home residents, according to a recently published study titled, Animal-Assisted Therapy and Agitation and Depression in Nursing Home Residents with Dementia: A Matched Case-Control Trial in the American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry. Researchers based in Germany and Switzerland […]

Ask the expert: Therapy levels

Q: Can a resident go from one level of therapy to another between assessment reference dates (ARD)? A: Yes, a resident can go from one level of therapy to another between ARD dates, provided that is the level that the resident needs. The next change of therapy assessment will pick up any change to the RUG […]

Ask the expert: COT dates

Q: Here is a situation for you. Resident admitted: 03/08/2013 M5 ARD: 3/15/2013 A/M14 ARD: 3/20/2013 (Therapy RUG) D/C-re-entry less than 24 hrs, EOT ARD = 3/24/2013 (NSG level) with resumption on 3/25/2013 Should I have a COT on 3/31/2013? I think the answer is yes, but could you clarify? A: I agree with you […]

Ask the expert: Change of therapy and assessment reference date

Q: A change of therapy (COT) is for the date February 5. I thought I opened it in the software. Can I open this assessment on February 14 and complete it that day without taking a default, and is there a time limit? A: I’m assuming from your question that February 5 should have been […]