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CMS releases latest Hospice Compare data, providers continue to see improvement

In the August refresh of Hospice Compare, providers nationwide scored 86.4% on the “Hospice and palliative care composite process measure.” By comparison, hospices scored 85.3% in May 2019. They scored 83.6% on the composite measure when it initially appeared on Hospice Compare as part of the website’s quarterly refresh in November 2018. The measure shows […]

Reminder: Updated hospice payment rates, wage index to take effect Oct. 1

Payment rates for hospice care, the hospice cap amount, and the hospice wage index updates finalized in the 2020 hospice payment rule will take effect Oct. 1, and CMS has released a transmittal and MLN matters article on the changes. CMS finalized rate increases for continuous home care, general inpatient care and inpatient respite care. […]

CMS posts webinar on Primary Care First Seriously Ill Population Model

CMS has set out to provide further information regarding the Primary Care First (PCF) Seriously Ill Population (SIP) model option with a two-part webinar series, hosted by the PCF Model Options Team. The model “encourages advanced primary care practices, including providers whose clinicians are enrolled in Medicare who typically provide hospice or palliative care services,” […]

Hospice payment increase of 2.7% proposed, but it’s not a straightforward change

While the hospice industry is expected to receive about $540 million in increased payments in 2020, hospice providers should curb the enthusiasm until they fully analyze how the changes will impact the business. That’s because the payment rate for the first 60 days of routine home care (RHC) is actually decreasing slightly, according to CMS’ […]

Hospices’ scores on Hospice CAHPS measures

With Hospice CAHPS data, no scores changed during the latest refresh of Hospice Compare. Hospice Compare’s latest update was Nov. 30. It gets refreshed quarterly. Hospice CAHPS data were collected between Jan. 1, 2016, and Dec. 31, 2017. Measure November 2018 score August 2018 score May 2018 score February 2018 score Emotional and spiritual support […]

Hospice owner found guilty for fraud of $12m

A former Mississippi hospice owner Charline Brandon has pleaded guilty to making fraudulent hospice claims. Brandon acknowledged submitting nearly $12 million in fraudulent claims to Medicare and nearly $3 million to Medicaid while she was running Haven Hospice, North Haven Hospice, Lion Hospice and North Lion Hospice. A 2017 indictment alleged she was engaged in […]

CMS posts hospice quality reporting program quick reference guide

By Home Health Line. CMS has recently posted a two-page “Hospice Quality Reporting Program (QRP) Quick Reference Guide” that includes frequently asked questions, information about the quality reporting program help desks and helpful links to additional resources about quality reporting. View the guide at https://go.cms.gov/2OLhYVi.

New OIG report once again hammers hospice industry about general inpatient care

Brought to you by Home Health Line. A new report from the HHS Office of Inspector General (OIG) contends that while hospice care can provide great comfort to patients and their loved ones, the industry has vulnerabilities that affect program integrity and the quality of care. While recommendations within the July 31 report come in […]

Final rule: Hospice payments rise by 1.8%, PAs can be attending physicians

Brought to you by Home Health Line. The hospice industry will receive $340 million in increased payments in 2019, according to CMS’ final hospice payment rule posted Aug. 1 on the Federal Register. That’s nearly twice the payment increase from 2018. Hospices will receive 1.8% more in payments. The industry only received a 1% increase […]