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What Is the FAMILY Act?

The Family and Medical Insurance Leave (FAMILY) Act was reintroduced in Congress in 2021 and is known as S. 463 and H.R. 1185. The Act has been introduced repeatedly during legislative sessions for the past 7 years but has yet to progress. The FAMILY Act strives to create paid time off at a portion of […]

8 steps to protect patient data sent to and from business associates

Agencies must comply with HIPAA when passing patient protected health information (PHI) back and forth. follow these eight tips to protect your patients and agency from breaches: Assess how you and your business associates transmit PHI to each other as part of your regular HIPAA risk analysis. If you uncover any vulnerabili­ties, resolve them. Ensure […]

CMS proposes amendment to the HHS-RADV program

CMS issued a proposed rule on May 29 to amend requirements for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ risk adjustment data validation (HHS-RADV) program. The proposal includes changes to two technical aspects of the HHS-RADV program, the error rate calculation, and application of results. CMS outlines the changes in the newly published fact […]

Ask the expert: HMO resident concerns

Q: I live in Ohio. For a couple of years now we have completed our HMO residents in the following way: We complete an admission assessment only because we are not to submit PPS assessments on HMO residents. If that resident has a Medicaid number we code that in Section A. Subsequently these assessments are […]