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Ask the expert: Changing of payers and PPS schedule

Q: I have always been instructed that if someone changes skilled payers, such as from a Medicare Advantage Plan to regular Medicare Part A, that the PPS schedule has to be restarted.  Someone asked me where to find the documentation for this, and I am having difficulty locating this. Can you please give me some […]

Ask the expert: Hospice coding

Q: If someone is on Hospice and a hospice worker gives that person a bath, which they do in our building, we were instructed that we cannot take credit for it on the MDS—so would we code it not assessed? Doesn’t make much sense, being that it is not one of the late loss ADLs […]

Ask the expert: Quarterly ARD

Q: I have a resident who had a quarterly assessment reference date (ARD) of February 8, 2013. She was admitted to the hospital on February 6 and returned on February 8. What would be her ARD for the quarterly assessment? A: There are choices that the facility can make when these situations occur. The very […]

Ask the expert: Nystatin coding

Q: Is Nystatin coded in MDS 3.0 Section N as an antibiotic? And is it pharmacological classification vs. therapeutic classification? A: The pharmacological classification is the determining factor in making a coding decision.

Ask the expert: Quarterly assessment

Q: I have a patient who went to the hospital on January 2, 2013. Her quarterly assessment reference date (ARD) had been scheduled on January 10, 2013 with her 90th day being January 20, 2013. She returned to our facility on January 19, 2013 missing her ARD date of January 10. Will it be a […]

Ask the expert: Benefit periods

Q: A Medicare member benefits exhausted, but has been receiving a regular dose of insulin in the morning and night. Member went to the hospital, and is now returning to a facility, where she is a long-term resident. Would she regenerate a new benefit for Part A coverage? It has been more than 60 days […]

Ask the expert: Coding for an unstageable area

Q: A resident is admitted with a cast on leg in October, cast removed on 12/5/12, noted with an unstageable area on ankle. How do we code it on the MDS? A: When the MDS is completed, if the pressure ulcer is still unstageable, then that is how it should be coded on the MDS.

Ask the expert: Respiratory therapy services

Q: I recently attended a seminar in which the trainer taught that in order to capture respiratory therapy minutes that not only were the minutes to be documented (15 minutes or more), but also a follow up of the effectiveness. I have read and reread the manual but haven’t located the criteria for a follow […]