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Home health research grant seeking 2022 proposals

The Home Health Research Grant is now accepting submissions for research proposals seeking 2022 funding, which will help advance home health care and may seek to improve care delivery at home through quality and innovation, according to a release from the Alliance for Home Health Quality and Innovation. For the 2022 funding period, funding will be awarded up to $75,000 […]

CMS now accepting applications for model adding hospice benefit into Medicare Advantage

CMS has issued a request for applications (RFA) for the hospice benefit component of Medicare Advantage Value-Based Insurance Design (VBID) model. Details on plans are included in the RFA. Completed applications are due to CMS by 11:59 p.m. March 16, 2020. The new component would give Medicare Advantage organizations the opportunity to add the Medicare hospice benefit […]

Supplemental benefits data from Medicare Advantage plans to be available from CMS in early 2020

Data on Medicare Advantage (MA) plans usage of specific supplemental benefits including home care may be available from CMS come early 2020, according to the Better Medicare Alliance (BMA). BMA, who represents MA plans, stated that only 16 plans offered home care as a supplemental benefit to it’s members. Here are a few statistics about […]

Bill would automate prior authorization through Medicare Advantage plans

Congress is considering legislation that would automate the prior authorization process within Medicare Advantage plans. Home health agencies and other providers under Medicare Advantage plans must receive prior authorization before they can visit a patient, which has caused some frustration among agencies. For example, a patient is being discharged from the hospital to home health […]

CMS announces decline in 2020 Medicare Advantage premiums

CMS announced September 24 that “Medicare Advantage [MA] premiums in 2020 are expected to decline 23% from 2018 while plan choices, benefits and enrollment continue to increase.” This average monthly premium will be the lowest rate in 13 years. Accompanying this announcement, for the first time in a decade, a new Medicare Plan Finder was […]

MA patients had shorter course of rehab, better discharge an outcomes

A recent study compared Medicare fee-for-service beneficiaries to Medicare Advantage beneficiaries, both with hip fractures, to determine if payment structured changed the nature, timing, and outcomes of care. This was a retrospective cohort study to examine differences in health service utilization and outcomes between FFS and MA patients in SNFs following hip fracture hospitalization during […]

CMS outlines some soon-to-be covered services in memo on Medicare Advantage

Brought to you by Home Health Line. In-home support services and adult day care services are on the list of supplemental benefits to be allowed under Medicare Advantage plans in 2019, according to a recent CMS memo. Home-based palliative care, support for caregivers of enrollees, medically-approved non-opioid pain management, stand-alone memory fitness benefit, home bathroom […]

Ambulances out, share riding and alternative services in?

While it’s concerning that some people are apparently calling ride-share services like Uber when they need to get to the hospital in an emergency, others are wondering if ride-sharing or alternative services have their place in non-emergency medical transport. Many  people call ambulances when they need treatment, even if it’s not an emergency, because they […]

CMS proposes nonskilled service coverage as additional benefit to Medicare Advantage

On February 1, 2018, CMS proposed new Medicare Advantage and Part D payment and policy updates to provide new benefits, some nonskilled, for enrollees. The development, if passed, could change how agencies focus their business. “I think for private duty, this is a big plus,” says Diane Link, director of clinical services with Conshohocken, Pa.-based […]

New study finds that MA beneficiaries use home health less

A new study by the American Journal of Managed Care finds that Medicare Advantage (MA) beneficiaries use home health less often than fee-for-service (FFS) counterparts. However, regional factors affected utilization greatly, independent of insurance status. The study used the 2010 and 2011 Outcome and Assessment Information Set to identify all home health episodes begun in […]