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NOA discharge error resolved, reports NGS

NGS, a Medicare administrative contractor serving agencies in 19 states, reports to its providers that there has been a resolution for the months-long issue with Notices of Admission that was causing a return to provider incorrectly with edit code U537F. The error was due to the Common Working File not correctly recognizing discharges, according to […]

Change request addresses technical issues with NOA, calculating gaps in service

A CMS change request issued April 7, 2022, is addressing issues identified with a unique issue with the transition to the Notice of Admission from the Request for Anticipated Payment, as well as a revision to make sure gaps in care are calculated consistently. The CR 12657 corrects the NOA process so that an NOA […]

NOA errors continue for U537F with no workaround

A Notice of Admission (NOA) error involving previous discharges that was thought to be fixed is continuing to cause trouble for home health agencies, according to an alert from Medicare Administrative Contractors NGS and Palmetto GBA. In an urgent notice to providers April 13, 2022, NGS noted that an issue in the Common Working File […]

MAC: Fix announced for NOA discharge error

Some providers are getting the green light to resubmit NOAs beginning April 4, 2022, for RTPs with reason code U537F that were returned due to a system error. National Government Services (NGS), a Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) working with agencies in 19 states, announced the fix March 31, 2022, after first identifying the issue January […]

MAC details frequent NOA user errors

System errors with the new Notice of Admission (NOA) got all the attention in January, but Palmetto GBA is alerting providers to several user errors it’s seeing on submitted NOAs and related claims, particularly around late NOAs and exception requests. “Home health agencies are to ensure they accurately submit late RAP or NOA exceptions,” the […]

Latest system issue incorrectly identifies NOAs as duplicates

CMS’ Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) have alerted providers to a new system issue with the Notice of Admission (NOA). The NOA replaced the RAP in 2022 as the way for an agency to note it is the primary home health provider for a patient at the start of care. According to the MACs, an issue […]

New issue impacting third-party NOA submissions

Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) are alerting providers to a system error impacting the new Notice of Admission (NOA) when submitted through an Electronic Media Claim (EMC) software provider. National Government Services, a MAC serving providers in 19 states, issued an “urgent” alert Jan. 5, 2022, noting the issue with ZIP codes submitted on EMC claims […]