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Addressing the Second Pandemic: Employee Mental Health

Two years into the pandemic, employee burnout continues to rage on.  According to a 2021 American Psychological Association survey of over 1,500 U.S. workers, 79% of them experienced some form of work-related stress a month before the survey was conducted. Almost 3 in 5 respondents said they’ve suffered symptoms of burnout, such as loss of […]

One-third of nurses plan to quit their jobs because of burnout

More than one-third, 34%, of nurses said they likely will quit their job by the end of 2022, citing burnout and a high-stress working environment as the primary reason, according to Nursing in the Time of COVID-19. Not all are leaving nursing, altogether.  Some 40% plan to pursue a nursing role elsewhere, as reported by […]

ACHC shares vaccine mandate survey priorities

The Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) recently shared a list of the items its surveyors will be reviewing as they check organizations for compliance with the CMS COVID-19 vaccine mandate. ACHC surveyors are reviewing: Policies and procedures regarding COVID-19 vaccination(s). The tracking process used to log vaccination status of affected personnel. The process to […]

OIG report shows survey focus on infection control in home health

A recent home health audit by the Office of Inspector General (OIG) serves as a reminder to keep up your focus on infection control policies and procedures. The audit found that six out of eight agencies reviewed were in full compliance. Still, it opens the door for CMS surveyors to probe extensively in this area. […]

Staff shortages causing nursing homes to turn away new residents

In a recent survey of 1,183 nursing homes conducted by the American Health Care Association and National Center of Assisted Living, 58% of respondents indicated that they are limiting new resident admissions because of staff shortages. Additionally, the survey found that nearly every nursing home is asking staff to work overtime and cover extra shifts. […]

CMS survey seeks input on billing guidance and other resources

A new survey from CMS is looking to see what resources providers are using to understand the Medicare program and help them bill correctly. The survey is for providers or staff who provide services to people with Medicare and/or bill the Medicare program. The results are expected to help CMS improve your experience with resources […]

CMS preparing to test shorter, online HHCAHPS

Plans to test a shorter, web-based version of the Home Health Care CAHPS (HHCAHPS) survey are expected to be published in the Federal Registry on Thursday, Aug. 5, 2021. CMS wants to test the response rates and scores of a web-based mode for the survey, with hopes of adding it to the mail and telephone […]

New survey results look at pandemic impact on health care workers

On Tuesday, April 6, the Kaiser Family Foundation and The Washington Post released more survey results from conversations with 1,327 frontline health care workers, including more than 290 working in the home. Participants were surveyed Feb. 11- March 7, 2021. And while most health care workers said their employer was “doing about the right amount” […]

CMS updates emergency preparedness survey guidance and pandemic best practices

CMS released updated guidance for surveyors related to emergency preparedness requirements on Friday, March 26, incorporating changes to the rules in recent years and lessons learned from the pandemic. The “Updated Guidance for Emergency Preparedness – Appendix Z of the State Operations Manual” detailed changes made through the Burden Reduction Rule (84 FR 51732) in […]