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Could education prevent the overuse of antibiotics for UTIs?

A study recently published in the Annals of Long-Term Care found that a checklist and certain other care and training interventions lowered the risk of UTIs and over-treatment of UTIs with antibiotics. Results of the study were presented at the American Geriatric Society 2018 Annual Scientific Meetings in Orlando, FL. The study is part of […]

Fine tune your antibiotic stewardship methods by November deadline

Prior to the publication of CMS’ final rule on October 4, 2016, which heavily revised many Conditions of Participation (CoP) for Medicare, the agency’s infection control regulation included language about preventing the threat of multi-drug-resistant organisms and creating strategies for effective review of antibiotic use in long-term care facilities to avoid negative, sometimes deadly, effects […]

CMS reports dramatic reduction in avoidable hospitalizations among LTC residents

In the past, hospitalizations for potentially preventable conditions were found to be disproportionately high among those dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid. Yesterday, on January 17, 2017, CMS reported that the overall rate of hospitalizations among these beneficiaries has seen a decline of 13 percent in recent years. In long-term care facilities, the agency has […]