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Antifungal-resistant yeast infections found in D.C. nursing home residents

The CDC identified 101 cases of antifungal-resistant yeast infections among Washington D.C. nursing home residents between January and April. These infections included cases of candida auris, an infection resistant to all known treatments, primarily Echinocandins, and is cause for alarm, according to the CDC. “Echinocandin resistance is a concerning clinical and public health threat, particularly […]

OIG: Palmetto failed to collect $545,639 in hospice overpayments

The Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General (OIG) is calling for Palmetto GBA to refund $17,513 to hospices and attempt to collect $545,639 in overpayments after an audit of the Medicare contractor’s policy around overpayments in lookback years. The OIG noted Palmetto policies that waived collection for overpayments for a lookback […]

CMS reminds providers to protect Medicare enrollment information

Providers should follow three steps in securing their Medicare enrollment information, according to CMS: Keep your Medicare Provider Enrollment, Chain, and Ownership System (PECOS) user ID and password secure and don’t share with others. Only an individual provider, Authorized or Delegated Official of an organizational provider, or Authorized Surrogate may view and update your enrollment […]

Q&A: Job-specific HIPAA training

Q: As we look forward to 2021, we’re looking to utilize the most up-to-date HIPAA training strategies. I am responsible for training clinical and clerical staff annually. Do you have any recommendations for job-specific HIPAA training? A: HCPro and TeachPrivacy, among others, are solid training provider vendors. They work to keep their training accurate and […]

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Intake and output monitoring

You should monitor residents who have fluid imbalances or are at high risk of dehydration by calculating intake and output (I&O) each shift.

Fire safety guidance for senior living

This post is an excerpt taken from HCPro’s new title, Disaster Planning, Infection Control, and OSHA Compliance: A Toolkit for Senior Living, a cost-effective, all-inclusive guide to improve safety and satisfaction in your senior living facility. Fire drills should be done based on your state regulations and/or your facility’s policy and procedures. Staff must be […]

PDPM Q&A: Payment overview and billing

CMS has released its FAQ sheet on PDPM: Q. What is PDPM? A. The Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM) is a new case-mix classification system for classifying skilled nursing facility (SNF) patients in a Medicare Part A covered stay into payment groups under the SNF Prospective Payment System. Effective beginning October 1, 2019, PDPM will […]

Ask the expert: Tube feeding coverage

Q: We have a lot of questions in our facility about tube feeders and Medicare Part A eligibility. Here is one example: A person getting tube fed uses 100 days of their benefit, goes off Medicare Part A, has a 60 day break in illness, and was then readmitted to hospital with a hip fracture. He […]

Essential tools for the MDS coordinator

Whether you are just beginning your career or are a veteran MDS coordinator, you play a pivotal role in managing the long-term care residents’ care.