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MDS 3.0 will be implemented on time, CMS officials say

The MDS 3.0 will be implemented on October 1, 2009 as planned, CMS officials said at the October SNF Long-Term Care Open Door Forum.

Thomas E. Dudley, MS, RN, of CMS’ Division of Chronic and Post Acute Care, told a forum caller who expressed concern that the new assessment system was only 11 months from implementation “we realize that it is a tight timeline, but at this point in time we are on target for October 1.”

Sheila Lambowitz, division director of CMS’ Chronic Care Policy Group, said CMS is already developing training materials and programs to help providers prepare for the new assessment system. Training videos, open door forums, as well as train-the-trainer programs for contractors and associations are in the works, Lambowitz said.

“Yes, it’s tight, and yes, we’re all going to have to work very hard on this, but we are already well into the design phase of training materials so we can help you as much as possible,” she said.

In October, CMS released draft MDS 3.0 data specifications, including a draft of items that could be included on the MDS 3.0. CMS’ next benchmark is March 1, 2009, when the agency aims to publish the final MDS 3.0 data specifications, final MDS 3.0 forms, a final Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI) manual, and Resident Assessment Protocols (RAP), Quality Measure and Quality Indicator selections.

To see CMS’ complete MDS 3.0 timeline and the draft item set, visit our Resources page.