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Ask the expert: Coding music therapy minutes

Q: When coding music therapy minutes in O0400F, can I include minutes for group therapy with four or less in the group, or can I only code individual minutes? The assessment, physician order, and care plan are all in place.

A: The only information I could find on this is contained in the MDS 3.0 User’s Manual on page O-17 (see below). It does not address the question you posed. But it does not say anywhere that you can provide group minutes either.

It would be a great clarification to request from CMS. In the meantime, my personal opinion would be to code the individual minutes.

Coding Instructions for Respiratory, Psychological, and Recreational Therapies

  • Total Minutes ‹ Enter the actual number of minutes therapy services were provided in the last 7 days. Enter 0 if none were provided.
  • Days ‹ Enter the number of days therapy services were provided in the last 7 days.  A day of therapy is defined as treatment for 15 minutes or more in the day.  Enter 0 if therapy was provided but for less than 15 minutes every day for the last 7 days.  If the total number of minutes during the last 7 days is 0, skip this item and leave blank.