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OSHA’s new electronic submission and anti-retaliation laws affect nursing homes and assisted living facilities

Effective January 1, 2017, OSHA will require businesses in industries with high injury and illness rates, including senior living facilities and nursing homes, to electronically submit work-related injury and illness reports to OSHA for publication on OSHA’s website.

This final rule published on May 12, 2016 does not change facilities’ obligation to recording injuries and illnesses, recording criteria, or definitions of these records.

Additionally, OSHA established new anti-discrimination and anti-retaliation laws with the goal of preventing employers from discouraging employees from reporting work-related injuries or illnesses. These new rules were expected to take effect August 10, 2016, but were extended to December 1, 2016. Under these new standards, OSHA requires that employers inform their employees of their right to report work related injuries and illnesses and suggests that facilities display the new OSHA poster in their workplace to fulfill this requirement.

The anti-discrimination and anti-retaliation regulations address the following:

  • Timely injury and illness reporting
  • Post-accident drug tests
  • Employee incentive programs