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New fall prevention device: Air bag belt for seniors

The company responsible for creating a new air bag smart belt, a product currently in development, has now raised enough money to move the device to the next phase: Commercialization. Dr. Robert Buckman, co-founder of the company ActiveProtective, is the inventor behind this new device.

Buckman’s smart belt, which could help reduce the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s reported 2.8 million visits to the emergency room due to senior falls, deploys through cold gas inflation upon sensing a user’s fall. This method, when compared to a car air bag’s pyrotechnic inflation, is less abrupt and helps prevent the user from becoming alarmed from the deployment. In addition to cushioning the user’s fall, the smart belt also contains Bluetooth technology, giving it the ability to alert an emergency contact when necessary.

Buckman is a former trauma surgeon at Temple University Hospital and St. Mary Medical Center. Anticipated pricing or release date of the device has not yet been announced.