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Tip: Defend against new targeted probe by scrutinizing therapists’ documentation

Conduct a quality audit of documentation your therapists submit. CMS’ targeted probe-and-educate review is ongoing, and it’s clear that therapy and therapists’ documentation will be among the things Medicare Administrative Contactors (MACs) review.

When agencies conduct quality audits involving therapy, they should pull five evaluations that each therapist completed in the past week and see if individualized, prescriptive programs are being carried out, recommends Diana Kornetti, a physical therapist and chief operations officer of Kornetti & Krafft Health Care Solutions in Citrus Springs, Fla.

During the audit, agency leaders should remove patient identifying information and see if the therapist who wrote the documentation can determine which patient is which based on the goal statement, Kornetti says.

It’s a problem if the therapist can’t identify her own patients because she’s using cookie cutter language such as “reduce falls risk,” “improve transfer” or “improve gait distance.”

Source: Home Health Line