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Post-Acute Advisor Quick Poll 2022: National Nurses Week

As part of National Nurses Week, Post-Acute Advisor reached out to our readers with a few questions about staff morale, how organizations can help strengthen nursing’s role in overall quality and care, along with what issues organizations should focus on moving forward beyond COVID-19.

Highlights include improvements in overall organization morale; the need for a multi-faceted approach in further supporting and strengthening nursing’s role; and a major focus on staff retention and overcoming workforce challenges moving forward.

Rating Overall Staff Morale Within Your Organization

When asked to rate the overall staff morale at their respective organizations, roughly 40% of our respondents felt that morale was either Good (34.9%) or Great (4.7%) – seemingly indicating a continued improvement in nurturing a more harmonious work environment. However, much remains to be done in this spectrum at many organizations, as 42.5% (Fair) and 17.9% (Poor) of respondents indicated that overall strength of morale was still lacking.

Ways to Help Strengthen Nursing’s Role in Your Organization

In asking about how their organizations can help strengthen nursing’s role in quality and infection prevention efforts, 67.9% of respondents said more education and training is needed. In addition, 63.2% said mentoring from leadership was necessary, while 52.8% called for increased emotional support. Viewing these top three selections holistically, a clear picture is painted that our respondents feel nurses, overall, need additional support through a multi-pronged approach. Along with the aforementioned focuses, 32% of respondents also indicated that an increase in nursing leadership opportunities was needed, as well.

Future Organizational Focuses Beyond COVID-19

COVID-19 has been a major focus for healthcare organizations for more than two years now, but when asked about what other issues need to be emphasized moving forward, one area stood out as the primary focal point: staffing retention. Of all respondents, 90.6% felt staff retention was the biggest concern, highlighting the continued difficulty many organizations face in maintaining a sufficient and quality workforce. Additionally, respondents strongly noted that another focal point for organizations should be care transitions between settings, at 47.2%.