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Educate clinicians about M1820, an item affecting functional points under PDGM

Source: Home Health Line Ensure clinicians have proper training about how to respond to the OASIS-D item involving patients’ ability to dress their lower body safely. M1820 (Ability to dress lower body) is one of six OASIS items that affect functional case-mix adjustment under the PPS, and it will be one of eight items that […]

Department of Labor proposes changes to overtime rules

The Department of Labor has published three Notices of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) regarding the minimum salary requirement for an employee to qualify for overtime, which forms of payment can be included and excluded in the “time and one-half” calculation when determining workers’ overtime rates, and clarifications of and revisions to the responsibilities of employers and […]

CMS announces OASIS-D, new version of the assessment will take effect in 2020

Source: Home Health Line Less than four months after the implementation of OASIS-D, CMS is already looking ahead to a new version of the assessment expected to take effect Jan. 1, 2020. CMS announced OASIS-D1 on its April 3 home health, hospice and durable medical equipment open door forum. The rulemaking process for OASIS-D1 is […]

CMS posts new OASIS-D training guidance

Source: Home Health Line A question-and-answer document containing responses to questions posed by providers during several trainings on OASIS-D are now available, according to CMS. This is an update to the document posted on Dec. 4, 2018, and includes responses to questions that required additional research, according to CMS. Those trainings are on: The introduction to […]

Simple does it for diabetes treatment, says new guideline

According to a new guideline released by the Endocrine Society, treating diabetes in older adults should consist of simplified medication regimens and less strict glycemic targets. Essential points listed on the society’s webpage include differences between younger individuals with diabetes versus older individuals with the disease, such as problems older individuals face such as sarcopenia, […]

Tip for diagnoses coding under PDGM

Source: Home Health Line List all diagnoses relevant to the plan of care — not just the six allowed on the OASIS — on the home health claim. Doing so will be a big step toward ensuring rightful payment under the Patient-Driven Groupings Model (PDGM). Comorbidity adjustments will be an important part of the equation […]

CMS posts materials for home health quality reporting training

Source: Home Health Line CMS has posted training materials for the recent home heath quality reporting program in-person “Train the Trainer” event for home health agencies. That training included an overview of OASIS changes, Section GG, Section J and changes in skin integrity. The event’s goal was “to provide those responsible for training home health […]

CMS rewrites surveyor guidance for determining immediate jeopardy

Source: Excerpt from Home Health Line In an effort to streamline its process and increase communication with providers, CMS has rewritten its guidance for surveyors on when and how to determine if an immediate jeopardy (IJ) to patients exists. There are now three key components that must be met for immediate jeopardy to be called. […]