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CMS releases FY 2022 SNF APU overview table

CMS has published the FY 2022 SNF Annual Payment Update (APU) table, which describes the data elements CMS will use for FY 2022 SNF QRP APU determinations. The file, named “FY-2022-SNF-QRP-APU-Table-for-Reporting-Assessment-Based-Measures-and-SPADEs-Finalized.pdf” can be found in the downloads section of the SNF Quality Reporting Program Measures and Technical Information webpage.

Hourly workers do not understand the difference between W-2 and 1099 classifications

Late last year, California passed Assembly Bill 5—otherwise known as AB5—that makes it harder to classify workers as independent contractors. The new law, which is currently on hold pending on the outcomes of several lawsuits filed by California businesses, would move some gig workers to employees and entitle them to benefits like sick leave, unemployment benefits, overtime pay, and […]

SNF administrators need to prepare for the 2020 census

With the 2020 census fast approaching, SNF administrators need to ensure that residents are accurately accounted for at the time of the survey; however, the fluctuating SNF population can make this a daunting task. In the census, SNFs are considered group quarters, and residents should be counted together, according to LeadingAge director Jodi Eyigor in […]

Home care roles among best jobs without a college degree

Home care positions were among the top five best jobs without a college degree, according to new rankings from U.S. News & World Report. Home health aide topped the list based on a mix of factors including salary, job market, future growth, stress level and work life balance. The position currently has a median salary […]

Survey identifies PDGM and staffing as biggest challenges agencies face in 2020

A survey conducted by Axxess and home healthcare consulting firm BKD listed PDGM and staffing as the biggest challenges organizations will face in 2020. About 43% of respondents chose adapting to regulatory changes (e.g. PDGM, RCD, etc.) as the biggest challenge, while 29% said staffing would be the biggest challenge. This is consistent with HHL‘s […]

New study links therapy time with length of stay for residents after hip fracture surgery

Longer therapy times per day doesn’t necessarily mean a hip fracture resident should have a shorter SNF length of stay, according to a new study published in JAMA by researchers at George Washington University. Researchers collected data from four inpatient rehabilitation facilities and seven SNFs from 2005 to 2010 with analytics conducted between November 2018 […]