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CMS makes pathways to navigate its Web site

CMS has created three online booklets to help healthcare providers navigate its Web site. This may be a helpful resource for busy long-term care providers.

Assessing delirium under the MDS 3.0

Debra Saliba, MD, MPH, the principal investigator for CMS’ development and validation of the MDS 3.0, discusses the new delirium assessment used under the MDS 3.0 in the January issue of PPS Alert for Long-Term Care.

Understanding the resident review process of the QIS

The resident review looks at major care issues that will be targeted and whether important quality of life issues exist. Surveyors will look at whether residents have been properly evaluated through use of the MDS process and how accurate this process has been in the facility’s evaluation.

Ask Diane: What should I ask my vendor?

Q: Our facility will need to update our software when we transition to the MDS 3.0. What questions should we ask our vendor now? Diane: It’s important to start a dialogue now with your automation vendor. You can work with your vendor to create a better product. Sit down with your team and make a […]