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Person-centered care improves resident satisfaction, according to large study

Between 2013 and 2015, researchers interviewed more than 11,000 residents living in Kansas nursing homes that promoted person-centered care practices. The interview questions were split up into four topics: quality of life, quality of care, quality of services, and global satisfaction subdomains. The study, published in The Journal of Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine, provides […]

OIG reports increase in immediate jeopardy and high priority complaints in nursing homes

In a recent report published by the Office of Inspector General (OIG), the agency found that states received one-third more nursing home complaints in 2015 than in 2011, despite a decrease in occupancy. States prioritized more than half of complaints into the most serious categories—immediate jeopardy and high priority—which require onsite investigations within two or […]

Keys to successful transitions: putting your best foot forward

Editorial note: This post is an excerpt from HCPro’s title, Customer Services in Assisted Living: Strategies for Building Successful Partnerships by Kelly Smith Papa, MSN, RN. It is important to start the relationship off right with new residents and their families. That is why the admission process is so crucial for the transition into the […]

Why customer service is the key to success for assisted living facilities

Editorial Note: The following post is an excerpt from HCPro’s recent title Customer Service in Assisted Living: Strategies for Building Successful Partnerships by Kelly Smith Papa, MSN, RN and Carol Marshall, MA. For content details and ordering information, visit HCPro’s Marketplace. The concept of customer service has become an important facet of assisted living as […]

Increased lawsuits against ALFS: How to avoid them

Increased lawsuits against ALFS: How to avoid them

The changing climate of assisted living facilities (ALF) has attracted the attention of potential lawsuits that used to target nursing homes. This shift follows the increase of higher-level services offered by ALFs, laying out a familiar battle ground for attorneys who filed suit against nursing homes. These lawsuits mimic a common theme seen in SNF cases: the facility chooses profit over people.

Health Care Leadership: Why its Hard, Why Many Fail and What it Takes to Succeed

This blog post was written by Reg Hislop III, and reprinted by permission. The bulk of my work centers around gathering data, analyzing trends and working with the leadership of various organizations to implement strategy or more centered, strategies. The process is iterative, interactive and always fascinating. Throughout my career, I’ve worked within (virtually) every […]