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CMS releases July 2021 OASIS quarterly Q&As

CMS answers questions about the 5-day assessment time frame and assessing ambulation at the start of care in the recently released OASIS Q&As. This update includes 13 questions offering guidance on things such as: When to assess self-care and mobility for GG items. What constitutes a valid referral for M0104. How to code GG0100C – […]

CMS releases OASIS considerations for Medicare PDGM patients

CMS released a document outlining OASIS considerations for Medicare PDGM patients Dec. 4, less than a month before the new payment model is scheduled to take effect. The document details transition guidance around OASIS time point, data set version and M0090 (Date assessment completed) for patients that will need a HIPPS code for a payment […]

CMS issues blanket waivers for several states impacted by Hurricane Dorian

CMS has issued blanket waivers in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Puerto Rico. The blanket waiver applies to home health agencies and is designed to provided relief on OASIS transmission timelines. To ensure accurate processing of home health disaster-related claims, Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) can extend autocancellation dates of Requests for Anticipated Payment (RAPs), CMS states. Related links: […]

Tip: Ensure clinicians understand a simple word and achieve greater success on M1850

When it comes to educating staff about how to respond to M1850 (Transferring), the key is paying close attention to the word “or” and how it’s used. The one-syllable word causes clinicians to be “chronically wrong” on M1850, says Cindy Krafft, CEO of Kornetti & Krafft Health Care Solutions. In fact, it’s a large part […]

Quarterly OASIS Q&As offer detail on wound coding

CMS in its latest quarterly OASIS Q&As provided agencies with details about how to code a specific wound scenario. In Question 1 of the April Q&As, one agency asked CMS about a patient admitted with two distinct areas caused by pressure. Notes the agency: “A wound on the left buttock presents with purple localized discolored […]

Post-training materials for CMS quality reporting training are now available

Source: Home Health Line CMS posted post-training materials — with answers to knowledge checks — for its Nov. 6 and 7 Home Health Quality Reporting Program Provider Training. The event’s main focus was to give “those responsible for training staff” at agencies information about the quality reporting program and changes between OASIS-C2 and OASIS-D.

CMS releases July OASIS quarterly Q&As

Brought to you by Home Health Line. Newly released OASIS Q&As provide guidance on several topics including the one-clinician convention and acceptable resumption of care. There are nine questions in CMS’ July 2018 quarterly OASIS Q&As. The questions do not mention OASIS-D, which is scheduled for implementation Jan. 1, 2019. This guidance marks the second […]

CMS starts rule-making process for OASIS-D item set revision

Source: Home Health Line CMS filed a notice and request for comment on proposed revisions to the OASIS item set. The notice was posted on the Federal Register website March 9 and was scheduled for publication March 12. CMS is seeking approval from the Office of Management and Budget for the January 1, 2019 implementation […]

New OIG report highlights vulnerability in how home health surveys are conducted

Source: Home Health Line A new study from the HHS Office of Inspector General (OIG) shows that some of the patient lists home health agencies supplied to surveyors were missing Medicare beneficiaries. Relying on agencies to supply the lists exposed a vulnerability that beneficiaries could be excluded from surveyors’ reviews. “We also found that surveyors […]

CMS works to ensure correct processing of disaster-related home health claims

The following comes from Home Health Line. Agencies submitting claims under a waiver authorized in response to recent hurricane and wildfire emergency events no longer will be at risk to have claims returned to provider (RTP’d) in error because of a failure to match the claim with a corresponding OASIS. Change Request 10372 issued Jan. […]