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Employee Fired for Excessive Absences After Making Need for FMLA Leave Known

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) prohibits an employer from interfering with an employee’s right to take medical leave. When pursuing such a claim, an employee need not allege the employer intended to deny the benefit, just that it was withheld. The employer’s motives are irrelevant when determining whether interference occurred. Of course, the […]

Employers Await Word from Supreme Court on Vaccination Rules

While employers wait to learn the fate of a COVID-19 vaccination rule, they’re being advised to continue making plans for how to comply with the federal government’s plan aimed at stemming transmission of the virus in the workplace. In separate hearings, the U.S Supreme Court on January 7 heard arguments both pro and con on […]

Employer’s Mandatory Vaccination Policy Update

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) guidance has confirmed employers may require a COVID-19 vaccination as a condition of employment and/or to return to the workplace. Employers that choose to do so, however, need to be careful about how they implement the vaccine requirements. Who Will Administer Vaccine? Under the EEOC’s guidance, administering the COVID-19 vaccine […]

Biden names acting administrator for CMS

The Biden administration has named Liz Richter the acting administrator for CMS. Richter has served since 1990 and most recently served as deputy director of the Center for Medicare, according to CMS. Richter began in the Bureau of Policy Development working on inpatient hospital payment policy. She later worked on a variety of Medicare payment […]

Employers looking for answers as presidential election winds down

Finally, the votes are being counted. Election Day closes a process that has seen voters across the country casting early or mail-in ballots for weeks now. Without a crystal ball, employers can’t know what they will face in the next four years, but a look at both candidates, President Donald Trump and former Vice President […]

CMS updates SNF visitation policy

CMS issued updated SNF visitation guidance on September 17. The new guidance lays out a plan addressing when and how SNFs should begin allowing visitors in their facility again, based on community spread and resident health. While outdoor visits are still preferred, SNFs will be able to resume in-facility visits if there have been no […]

LeadingAge answers gun policy questions for senior living

LeadingAge has released Weapons Policies in Aging Services Organizations, new guidance for senior living communities regarding firearms and other weapons. In the wake of the numerous mass shootings, the organization says it has received many questions regarding how senior living communities can implement weapons policies. The guidance notes that the 2nd Amendment does not prevent […]