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New York state reinstates restrictions for nursing home visitations

Despite CMS recommendations to reopen nursing homes to visitors, New York state has taken a step back and reinstated restrictions to nursing homes and SNFs located in COVID-19 hotspots. In a four week period ending October 11, New York nursing homes reported 713 confirmed and suspected COVID-19 cases, which is more than twice the number […]

CMS updates SNF visitation policy

CMS issued updated SNF visitation guidance on September 17. The new guidance lays out a plan addressing when and how SNFs should begin allowing visitors in their facility again, based on community spread and resident health. While outdoor visits are still preferred, SNFs will be able to resume in-facility visits if there have been no […]

Northwell Health launches telehealth platform for SNFs

Northwell Health, New York’s largest health system, announced plans to launch a new telehealth platform, providing on-demand virtual care at two local SNFs. The two facilities, Methodist Home for Nursing and Rehabilitation in the Bronx, and Glen Cove Nursing and Rehabilitation on Long Island will have access to the 23-hospital health system, allowing staff to […]

Twice-weekly staff testing to be required for select SNFs

COVID-19 staff testing will be required twice-weekly at SNFs in 801 counties across the country under new federal regulations. CMS released a list of infection rates by county last week that will be used to determine the required frequency of staff testing. All facilities located in “red” counties will require tests twice-weekly, while facilities in […]

HHS expands coverage for point-of-care COVID-19 testing at SNFs

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced August 31 the expanded use of rapid point-of-care antigen tests at SNFs under the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREP Act). Previously, some states banned the use of rapid point-of-care antigen tests at SNFs, but the new guidance from HHS overrules state bans. “This PREP […]

SNFs suspected of underreporting quality metrics

Self-reported quality metrics from SNFs don’t align with hospital diagnoses for some quality measures, a new report shows. Most noticeably, pressure ulcers were vastly underreported by more than half of SNFs, according to the report from Integra Med Analytics. “The median ratio of the self-reported and hospital-based pressure ulcer rates was 0.48, indicating that over […]

CMS implements new COVID-19 testing requirements for SNFs

CMS implemented stricter COVID-19 testing requirements for nursing homes on August 25. Routine staff testing, which was previously just recommended, is now a requirement for participation for Medicare and Medicaid. The required frequency of staff testing will be based on the degree of community spread surrounding a facility. Further guidance on frequency of testing will […]