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Long-term care providers showing progress in quality improvement activities

The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission’s latest report to Congress was submitted Friday with previously known recommendations for payment levels. Included in the report is a body of research indicating that long-term care providers are showing progress in quality improvement activities. Potentially avoidable hospital readmissions dropped 1% during the study period of 2011-2012, which is the first decline […]

Ask the expert: Beginning skilled therapy

Q: What day should a new admit to a skilled nursing facility begin the skilled therapy that is ordered by a physician if that resident is going to be Medicare Part A secondary to therapy? A:  Most of the time patients have other nursing skilled needs in addition to the therapy.  However, in order to be […]

Lack of physician communication main issue for patient transitions

According to a recent study in the Journal of Nursing Care Quality, poor communication between physicians is the main issue for patient transitions between hospitals and nursing homes. Researchers with the University of Missouri Sinclair School of Nursing created a survey to measure the difficulties with care transitions. They received responses from care teams at […]

New blood test can detect Alzheimer’s

A new blood test that predicts the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and mild dementia could lead to more effective management and even prevention of these conditions, according to research published in Nature Medicine. The study involved 525 participants who were over 70 years old. The participants gave blood samples throughout the trial period, and investigators […]

Medicaid Fraud Control Units recover over $10 million in 2013

Medicaid Fraud Control Units recovered about $10.3 million from nursing facilities in FY 2013, according to an annual report issued Friday. Practically every state operates a fraud control unit, and the report from the Department of Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General compiled results from all of these units. The investigations included: Allegations of […]

Study finds discharge recommendations not followed

A recent study, published in the Journal of Aging Research, shows that almost 25% of recommendations made by the hospital discharge team to the nursing homes were not followed.  The goal for the research team was to document how often recommendations were not followed. The three most common recommendations not followed in the study were […]

CMS issues guidance on F-tag revisions for notification of a facility closure

On August 2, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released a memo sent to state survey agency directors that detailed the revisions to F-tags F203 and F204 and the issuance of new F-tags F523 and F524 in the State Operations Manual (SOM), Appendix PP. These F-tags are related to the notifications of a […]

Proposed dementia care guidance released by CMS

On May 24, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released a memo sent to state survey agency directors that contained interim guidance related to surveyors’ assessment for compliance with requirements related to nursing home residents with dementia and unnecessary drug use. These updates include sampling for the traditional survey process in Appendix P.  […]